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Complete Social Media Management

Any good salesperson knows that you have to have to be where your customers are… and that’s on social media. A lot of insurance agents have already caught wind of the powerful … [Read More...]

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Good news, bad news… first, the bad… The majority of independent agency websites add little value to an agency’s business. Most are outdated, offer a poor reflection of the … [Read More...]


Marketing Consulting

At IIAG, we take a universal approach to developing agency marketing solutions that leverage all aspects of today’s digital world to help you build your brand and expand your book … [Read More...]

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Trusted Choice Digital Ad Buy

Ever wondered if you are getting the most for your marketing dollars? Are you planning your next promotional campaign? Before you run your next TV, radio or print ad consider … [Read More...]

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Dear AGD - We just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the performance of our website.  When we were searching for a company to create a website that was more … [Read More...]

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Marketing Reimbursement

Marketing Reimbursement Program 2015 Trusted Choice® Guidelines The following seven bullet points give an overview of the program. For additional details, links, … [Read More...]

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