Perfect Practice: How to Master Your Profession

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If you want to be great at any endeavor – digital marketing, selling insurance, anything – practice makes perfect.

In order to achieve a significant level of success, you must dedicate time and energy into doing your chosen activity as well as you possibly can. As Malcolm Gladwell put it, mastery is attained once you’ve invested 10,000 hours into a skill. Or as Bruce Lee so eloquently stated, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Whether you are in business, practicing martial arts, or anywhere in between, the point is clear: find your thing, learn to do it well, and then do it as best you can consistently. Before you know it, you will find yourself as the go-to person for that particular activity.

The idea of mastery extends beyond developing professional skills too. You can apply the same concept to your personal relationships, fitness goals, finances, education or spirituality… the list goes on.

So, if you have tried and failed there is no need to beat yourself up about it. Michael Jordan didn’t make every shot, but he kept shooting and eventually created a legacy of taking – and often making—the big shots.

This entry serves as encouragement to keep pursuing your goals even if you have experienced temporary defeat (or even temporary success for that matter).

What have been looking to do?

What are you waiting for? Get to it!

But before you do, leave a comment and let us know what area you would like to master and what steps you are taking to get there. Don’t forget to “like” and share with others.

Complete Social Media Management

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Any good salesperson knows that you have to have to be where your customers are… and that’s on social media.

A lot of insurance agents have already caught wind of the powerful prospecting capabilities of social media while others have drug their feet. The fact of the matter is, when done correctly, you can meet far more potential insurance clients online that you could ever meet in person.

We have never had as much access to our clientele as we do in this digital age. With the push of a button, your message can reach the cell phones, computers, or tablet s of your intended audience. You have the ability to interact with them anytime and anywhere.

How cool would it be if your clients and their friends went to your social media profile anytime they had an insurance related question? How awesome would look if you could demonstrate how much you knew about your products by answering them intelligently?

In addition to being able to converse directly with more people, social media is yet another way to direct customers back to your agency’s website where the real fun begins. Once on your website, you have the ability to collect names, email address, phone numbers and permission to contact a prospect in order to begin building a relationship and discuss their insurance needs.

There are several social media sites you can explore, especially when looking to connect with younger audiences. Agents Go Digital provides consultation to maximize your effectiveness on social media and even offer services to help you create and manage your profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you would like to speak with one of our digital marketing consultants to assess your social media activity click on the link below to schedule a call.

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Good news, bad news… first, the bad…

The majority of independent agency websites add little value to an agency’s business. Most are outdated, offer a poor reflection of the company and are virtually invisible to customers and prospects. Even worse, according to a study by the Agency Council for Technology, 81% of people who buy purchase professional services, such as insurance, first review their website to help them select their vendor.

What does your website say about you?

Is it up-to-date or archaic? Is it clean or cluttered? Is it unique to your agency and the lines of business you sell? Does it demonstrate your level of professionalism and the quality of your service?

If you aren’t satisfied with the current state of your website we have good news for you!

While there are some agencies that have the resources to build and maintain a good looking website in house, for most, the best answer is to hire outside help. The good news is that Agents Go Digital can help you build a modern looking site quickly and at a reasonable price!

A good agency website should look professional, attract visitors, and encourage them to take action.

With every site we build for our Trusted Choice agents, we make sure potential insurance customers understand the value of choosing an agent that has their best interest in mind and is committed to a pledge of performance. We also connect your site to your social media pages and most importantly, encourage customers to request a quote through your website.

Click here to view a sample site

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For a limited time, you can apply for the Trusted Choice Marketing Reimbursement and get a portion of your website development costs credited back to you.*

For more information about our website services or details regarding the marketing reimbursement program, click the link below.

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*Must meet MRP requirements. Offer good while funds are available.

Marketing Consulting

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At IIAG, we take a universal approach to developing agency marketing solutions that leverage all aspects of today’s digital world to help you build your brand and expand your book of business. Every program from every partner is carefully evaluated, selected, endorsed and managed by our team of insurance marketing professionals.

It all adds up to better marketing options, better insurance prospects and a better return on your marketing dollars.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

We believe NO independent agency in Georgia should be without a website — but not just any website — You need a website that will make it easy for your local insurance consumers and prospects to find and conduct business with you.

We encourage agencies to embrace mobile technology as more and more consumers are shopping for insurance and other products on the go — right from their smartphones!

We recommend that all agencies publish content related to their specific business, such as on a blog or social network, in order to establish credibility within their field and to drive traffic back to their websites.

No matter what tools or tactics you are using in your business, they are all more effective if you have the proper strategies in place ahead of time. In order to better serve our members, we’re launching a new service for agencies looking to have an individualized digital marketing plans created for their business.


Schedule a call and speak with one of our digital marketing consultants to discuss strategies specific to your agency.  Click the button below and you will redirected to our appointment calendar to schedule your appointment.
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Trusted Choice Digital Ad Buy

Trusted ChoiceEver wondered if you are getting the most for your marketing dollars? Are you planning your next promotional campaign?

Before you run your next TV, radio or print ad consider this: research shows that the adults consume information and spend more time browsing the internet than they do watching TV. In fact, according to a recent study, the average adult spends over 2 ½ hours on the web every day.

Is it possible that you could be advertising in the wrong places? Meet your customer where they are—online.

Trusted Choice is now offering assistance creating a digital advertising campaign that will allow you to reach thousands of online consumers and direct them to your agency. Each campaign is geo-targeted meaning that you can specify up to five zip codes to ensure your message is delivered to the members of your community. In addition to targeting locally, Trusted Choice will also monitor and track your campaign results.

Trusted Choice has made starting a digital campaign easier and more affordable than ever.

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