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Trusted ChoiceEver wondered if you are getting the most for your marketing dollars? Are you planning your next promotional campaign?

Before you run your next TV, radio or print ad consider this: research shows that the adults consume information and spend more time browsing the internet than they do watching TV. In fact, according to a recent study, the average adult spends over 2 ½ hours on the web every day.

Is it possible that you could be advertising in the wrong places? Meet your customer where they are—online.

Trusted Choice is now offering assistance creating a digital advertising campaign that will allow you to reach thousands of online consumers and direct them to your agency. Each campaign is geo-targeted meaning that you can specify up to five zip codes to ensure your message is delivered to the members of your community. In addition to targeting locally, Trusted Choice will also monitor and track your campaign results.

Trusted Choice has made starting a digital campaign easier and more affordable than ever.

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