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At IIAG, we take a universal approach to developing agency marketing solutions that leverage all aspects of today’s digital world to help you build your brand and expand your book of business. Every program from every partner is carefully evaluated, selected, endorsed and managed by our team of insurance marketing professionals.

It all adds up to better marketing options, better insurance prospects and a better return on your marketing dollars.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

We believe NO independent agency in Georgia should be without a website — but not just any website — You need a website that will make it easy for your local insurance consumers and prospects to find and conduct business with you.

We encourage agencies to embrace mobile technology as more and more consumers are shopping for insurance and other products on the go — right from their smartphones!

We recommend that all agencies publish content related to their specific business, such as on a blog or social network, in order to establish credibility within their field and to drive traffic back to their websites.

No matter what tools or tactics you are using in your business, they are all more effective if you have the proper strategies in place ahead of time. In order to better serve our members, we’re launching a new service for agencies looking to have an individualized digital marketing plans created for their business.


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