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Any good salesperson knows that you have to have to be where your customers are… and that’s on social media.

A lot of insurance agents have already caught wind of the powerful prospecting capabilities of social media while others have drug their feet. The fact of the matter is, when done correctly, you can meet far more potential insurance clients online that you could ever meet in person.

We have never had as much access to our clientele as we do in this digital age. With the push of a button, your message can reach the cell phones, computers, or tablet s of your intended audience. You have the ability to interact with them anytime and anywhere.

How cool would it be if your clients and their friends went to your social media profile anytime they had an insurance related question? How awesome would look if you could demonstrate how much you knew about your products by answering them intelligently?

In addition to being able to converse directly with more people, social media is yet another way to direct customers back to your agency’s website where the real fun begins. Once on your website, you have the ability to collect names, email address, phone numbers and permission to contact a prospect in order to begin building a relationship and discuss their insurance needs.

There are several social media sites you can explore, especially when looking to connect with younger audiences. Agents Go Digital provides consultation to maximize your effectiveness on social media and even offer services to help you create and manage your profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you would like to speak with one of our digital marketing consultants to assess your social media activity click on the link below to schedule a call.

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